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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Prayer #8 by Ed Vasicek

Prayer #8 by Ed Vasicek

Almighty One, God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we thank You and worship You for countless reasons. Right now, we worship You because You are patient and longsuffering. We know Lord, that Your patience is seen in Your desire that none perish, and that all come to repentance. We know that You often delay Your wrath. We also realize that You are patiently nurturing those born again into Your family, helping us to be conformed to the image of Your Son and patiently working, despite our countless failures.Lord, we need Your guidance within our church family. It seems we are surrounded by choices, and sometimes we feel like we are choosing between lesser evils and other times between greater goods. You Word promises wisdom if we but ask, and, so Lord, we go on record before You as asking for that wisdom.We also ask for your protection for our missionaries, as well as we who serve you right here. We know, Lord, that life holds many dangers. We know the Evil One is out to thwart the work of Your kingdom, and we know that often unbelievers and even misguided brethren intentionally try to hinder Your work. We ask You to bind Satan, send angels to protect us, and deliver us from ungodly and unreasonable men.As the Body of Christ, we are made up of many members. Some of our members are suffering, others are perhaps feelings expendable and unimportant, while others find themselves slaves to destructive habits. Others are rejoicing and exulting in the blessings of life. Perhaps most of us are somewhere in between, not exactly miserable but not happy either. Lord, cheer our hearts, encourage our spirits, help us to view our existence in light of eternity and our positions—whether humble or recognized—as opportunities to serve You. Help us to remember that life is not about us, it is about glorifying You.We pray for our leaders, our troops, and true Christians everywhere. We pray that this world will turn to You as never before, that the persecution of believers would stop, and that the Gospel would go forth mightily.We pray these things in Jesus’ Name, Amen

Pastor Ed
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