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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas season Pastoral prayer by Thad Spring

Pastoral prayer by Thad Spring, College Wesleyan Church

Heavenly Father, we celebrate this season with you as we remember the birth of our Savior, Your Son. We thank you for your providence and provision as you brought together in the fullness of time the redemption of your people through a child. Together we recognize with Simeon the Light of the world…in flesh and blood. It is Jesus Christ who is our peace and our hope in this world that so desperately needs Him.

Father, we pray for those who gather in your name around the globe today. We pray for protection from the evil one as he seeks to devour and destroy those who love you and who serve you. May they worship without fear this day. May your name be lifted high around the earth, by people of every tribe and every nation. We think of those who serve on the mission field, and pray that you would continue to provide for their needs and allow them to see your miracle hand at work in their ministry.

We pray also, Father, for those men and women who serve abroad in our military. Would you keep them safe and bring them home in the coming New Year. We pray for their families as they celebrate this Christmas with an empty chair, knowing their sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters are in places they will never go. Give peace to these families this Christmas and give hope to them as we enter a New Year.

Father, we recognize that many will be on the road this week and ask for your protection for all who travel abroad to see family and friends. We thank you for those who call CWC home and are back today from college. May they enjoy this time with family and friends.

We know there are also those who are ill and suffering and will not be able to travel. We pray for their physical and emotional healing. We think of those in our own church: Kelsey Strand and ask that you would give those who treat her insight and knowledge to know what the health issue is. We pray too for Esther Ingrahm and Mrs. Bauer. May they sense both your love and ours as you work in them to heal and make whole.

We pray for the churches in this community as they meet this day, we pray that together with all the saints we might know the depth of Your love for us. We think of Lakeview and pray for their new pastor and for this season of transition. Bring joy to their congregation this Christmas.

Heavenly Father, there are those within our city and our neighborhoods who do not know you as we do. They hear stories of Jesus and watch specials concerning his birth on television. They listen to music that describes the gospel story and do not comprehend its true message. They do not understand the Light. They do not recognize the Word of life. Perhaps it is because they need to see Him.

So I pray for each and every one of us as we take the message of Jesus into homes and workplaces this season, that those who do not know you would, this year, be able see and hear and touch with their own hands, the Word of life in us. Be the Word in flesh through us, your church: your body. Would you open those eyes as you did the eyes of Simeon and Anna and allow them to see the true gift of Christmas, the Savior of our souls and the Light of the world, who has come to live with us and in us.

Together with all the saints, we pray this in your holy name. Amen.

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