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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pastoral Prayer by Paul Meeks #26

Pastoral Prayer by Paul Meeks #26

Our gracious and loving Heavenly Father, we come to you today in the name of Jesus, because that's how you told us to approach you. We come with awe and wonder and reverence but we come to you confidently because we're your children. We know that the Holy Spirit is making intercession for us right now and that you're hearing our prayers as we all lift our hearts and minds up to you. As we reach out to you, you're already reaching out to us.

Thank you, Lord, for your love for us. Your Word tells us that you love us so much that you gave your Son to come to this earth to live and die so that we could be freed from the sin and guilt that had engulfed us. Your love is an undying, unfathomable love that reaches to the vilest sinners that have ever lived. And wonder of wonders, you save us and make us your children. We don't always understand all the things that happen to us and to our world, but we still know that you love us and care for us. We want to be captivated by your love and we want to be overwhelmed by your amazing grace that goes far beyond our comprehension.

I want to pray for our families this morning. Satan has always been the enemy of the family but somehow it seems that the attacks against the family are more insidious and blatant than ever. Seeing the dedication of these precious little ones a few minutes ago reminds us of the importance of the family and of the awesome responsibilities that parents and grandparents have. We pray for all the parents of little babies and small children to teens and even married children. We never stop being parents and our responsibilities never end even in later life, but the influence goes on and on, actually even into eternity. What a joy to be moms and dads and have the satisfaction i t gives. On this Mother's Day we thank you for all the moms here today and the godly influence they have on their families. Bind our families together in love and may our homes be havens of peace and love and protection where the children are nurtured and prepared for life.

We pray for our nation today and for all the godly influences there are that they will be multiplied and strengthened. We pray for our president and vice-president and the men and women in our national government and in our states and even on the local level. We're thankful for the freedom and peace and safety we enjoy that many countries around the world don't have. We pray for a mighty revival to sweep across our nation and around the world that would establish righteousness and justice and the powers of evil would be defeated.

We pray for our church and for your continual direction to our leaders as they make decisions and plans week after week. We want to be a church after your own heart and we want to be concerned about those things that are of everlasting importance. While we are busy with the church building and all of those plans, we want to keep focused on building you Church and bringing men and women and young people and children into your Kingdom. Thank you, Lord, for your leadership and guidance.

We pray for Pastor Steve as he preaches today. May the words come through the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. We want to magnify and glorify and uplift you in our services today.

We pray in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior who taught us to pray, Our Father who art in heaven . . . . .

Paul Meeks
College Wesleyan Church
Marion, IN


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