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Sunday, December 21, 2008

J M Kendall prayer #1

**Turn away from congregation and face towards the cross. We are praying on behalf of the people to the Father, physically show it.

Let us pray,Our gracious and merciful Heavenly Father, we come to You today in the name of our savior Jesus Christ. We come with thankful hearts, knowing that through Your Son we can come and speak directly to You without the need for sacrifices, priests, or temples. We can come before you, ever so humbly, in reverence and love. We thank you Lord for this gift.Father, despite this being an assignment, we pray that it is so much more. We know the importance of leading Your people and the immense responsibility that entails. We come today, respectfully asking You to teach us, to shape us, to mold us into pastors and people that You can use to further Your Kingdom. Change us so that You may change others through us. Thank You for the calling You have placed on our lives, thank You for Your love, for Your protection, and for Your guidance.We would like to take time now to lift up this world to You, Lord. Throughout the turmoil and distress that is occurring round the world, we trust that You are still actively working in it. Specifically we would like to lift up those still recovering from hurricanes in Sri Lanka and the Gulf Coast. We also want to lift up those recovering from earthquakes in southeast Asia. We pray for Your healing hand to aid in the relief efforts going on. We lift up the universal Church to you as well. Strengthen those You have called and raise up more workers for Your harvest. Thy kingdom come, let Thy will be done.Father God we want to lift up our nation to you as well. Please guide our president and give Him Your understanding in how to resolve conflicts both locally and abroad. Place advisors around Him who will boldly speak Your Word. Guide our politicians as well. Help them to be not on their own agendas, but on Yours and Your people. We pray for unity and a country that adamantly proclaims, “In God we trust.” Be glorified in and through our nation.Finally we ask that Your Spirit would intervene on this campus, amongst the students and professors. Father there are so many hurting and struggling on campus, even in this room today. We pray for Your holy comfort and peace that passes all understanding to come into our lives and heal our wounds. We take time now to specifically lift up Cady Stephens and her family with the loss of her mom to You. Consol her family and give them strength as they attempt to go about living life again. Surround them with Christians who will strengthen and encourage them. Show them Your love in a new way today. Lord we finally ask that you would open our hearts and minds to hearing Your voice not only tonight at Summit, but throughout the semester as well. Fill us with Your holy passion so that others cannot help but be attracted to Your light living inside of us. Help us take that first step and then show us where to run. Thank you for our professors and a school who’s intent is to make us into Godly world changers. Help us to never lose the focus and vision You have laid before us.Thank You once again for Your mercy, for Your grace. We know that we would be nothing without You and we return whatever praise or gratitude we may receive back to You. Change us, make us new, and be praised through our lives. To the glory of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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