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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pastoral Prayer by Paul Meeks # 29

Pastoral Prayer by Paul Meeks # 29

Our gracious and loving Heavenly Father, we come to you today in the name of Jesus. On this Father's Day we're reminded that you are the source and inspiration and the example for all fatherhood. We're your children and you're our Father, our Heavenly Father. And just as you love and care for your children, so we fathers should follow your example with our families. We know that we can never be a perfect father like you are with your children, but help us to be the best fathers that we can possibly be. There are dads here today that are the fathers of babies and little children. How important it is to nurture and uphold these l ittle people who are so totally dependent on dad and mom. There are some fathers here that have growing children and their habits of life are being developed. They need to be able to have complete trust and confidence in their moms and dads. Then, here are the teens who are already beginning to try their wings and exert their independence and although they need to be free to make many decisions, yet they need the careful guidance and direction that comes from godly parents. They need to have complete confidence and trust in mom and dad.

But we never stop being parents even after the kids have married and are establishing their own homes. We can still pray for them and offer counsel. And even during times when we wonder what kind of adults they're becoming and during times of fear and questioning the direction they're taking, it's time to trust you, Lord, and time to trust our training and time to trust our children. What joys to be moms and dads and what awesome responsibilities. So, we pray your special blessing on the fathers and grandfather here today.

We pray for those with physical problems and needs. Lord, you know and see each one and you're concerned about them all. And you know how to meet them right exactly at the point of their individual need. Please assure them of your love and concern for them, because we know you do care but they need to know. Those especially discouraged need to be uplifted and encouraged. May they be reminded of something from your Word, or maybe a verse of song, or even a word of assurance from a brother or sister in Christ.

Some have financial and material needs. They don't know where the needed resources are coming from, but they do know you and they do know how to pray. May their faith increase and we pray that their needs will be met by your provision from you hand.

We pray for those who are down spiritually, maybe they've been defeated by some word or action that wasn't right. Help them to confess their special need and receive forgiveness from you.

We pray for the many needs of people in our community. There are children and even mates that are being abused physically and sexually. There are drug addicts and drug dealers and alcoholics. There are prostitutes and those that are active in that horrible trade. There are thousands that never enter a church and never read your Word or utter your name except in cursing. Lord, our community needs you and they need us to reach out to them with your love and concern. We pray for ourselves to be the kind of Christians we should and can be and we pray for the many needs all around us.

We pray for the missionaries and national Christians as they labor and work for you, many with great opposition and even threats against them. Give them courage and make them to be effective witnesses for you.

We pray for our President and the men and women in offices of government. They need you and the influence of the Holy Spirit. May there be a revival in our nation of righteousness and truth that will defeat the powers of evil and Satan and turn men's hearts to you.

We pray for our military, many of them right now in harm's way. May they call upon you and ask for your guidance and protection.

We pray for Pastor Steve as he preaches this morning. Use him and anoint him to speak your message to us. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Paul Meeks
College Wesleyan Church
Marion, IN


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