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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pastoral Prayer by Jimbo

Pastoral Prayer by Jimbo

God, you are gracious, and that is good . . . because we are slow learners. You show us the way, but we are still convinced we can find some kind of shortcut, some way to repair the damage done to the world and the fractures in the human family that won’t take too much time or effort. We keep looking for a way that is safe and certain and obvious and easy. But every apparent shortcut turns into a dead end. Save us from our own foolishness. Confound and confront us, until we come to our senses. Teach us the humility we need if we want to be wise. Give us the patience we need if we hope to accomplish any lasting good. Grant us the spirit of obedience that we need if we want to be disciples. Console those whose eyes are flooded with tears and whose hearts are drowned by sorrow.Give rest to those made weary by heavy burdens. Strengthen the resolve of those sorely tempted. Calm the minds of those swarmed by anxiety.We pray with faith and hope, because you have already done so much for us. There is no doubt that your love for us is real and reaches to the ends of the earth. As the psalmist says, there is no where to go where you are not already there, waiting for us, ready to meet us and to lead us home again.We thank you for the teachers and mentors who have cared enough to speak the truth in love to us. We thank you for insight that comes after struggle, for hard-won maturity and undeserved second and third and fourth chances. We thank you for role models who are willing to be honest and who show us that you don’t just call extraordinary people to follow Jesus – you call ordinary people and make them extraordinary.Now continue the work you are doing, O Lord, to make us extraordinary servants and witnesses for you in this world. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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