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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pastoral Prayer by Paul Meeks (# 12)

Pastoral Prayer by Paul Meeks (# 12)

Our gracious and loving Heavenly Father, we come to you today in the name of Jesus, the name that's above every name in heaven and on earth. Your Word tells us that some day at that name every knee shall bow and acknowledge that he is Lord. We've acknowledged you as Lord and we want you to BE Lord of our lives. We want you to be in control and we want you to lead us in your will and in your way. We don't want to be just ordinary Christians whatever that means. We want to be godly men and women that are truly different. It takes so little to be above average and we don't want to settle for that.&n bsp; We don't want to be just an ordinary church, either, whatever that means. We want to be a church that follows hard after God. We want to be busy following your agenda. It takes so little to be above average and we don't want to settle for that as a church, either.

And, God, I'm thinking right now about Indiana Wesleyan University and Taylor University. We don't want them to be just ordinary schools. There are thousands of schools around the world that can be ordinary. You raised them up to be different, to make a difference. It takes so little to be above average and we don't want to settle for that. We know that they strive for excellence and that's what we pray for for them, too.

And now, Lord, that's why we're here today. We're different. There are thousands of people in our county that never go to church and it seems they rarely think of God and eternity. But we're here in your house to hear from you because that's what we need. We didn't come with a "holier than thou" attitude because we're too needy ourselves to feel that way. Each one of us is a "work in progress" no matter how long we've walked with you and we want to know what you want to say to us today. We need to hear your voice and we're listening. Some of us need to hear comforting words, come nee d encouragement because of what they're facing right now. Some need challenging words that will cause them to move on with their lives and claim new territory. And some need to be rebuked and chided because of failure and sin. Whatever the needs are, you already know and you're faithful and true. Look deep down inside each of us and see the things that are there, even those things that nobody else knows about, but we know and you know. Please meet our needs today.

We pray for our country, for our president and his cabinet and advisors. We pray for the men and women in government all across the land from our congress down to the local officials in our area. We pray, too, for the men and women in the courts. We ask for unusual wisdom for all of them. May the Holy Spirit bring thoughts and influence to their minds and spirits that will cause them to make right decisions.

We pray for sick and suffering people among us. What great physical problems and sicknesses there are. They all need your physical touch and also encouragement from your Holy Spirit for them and their families as they go through the trials together. Be to them just what they need this very day.

We pray for Pastor Steve as he gives the message from your word. Thank you for using him week after week and we pray for him that he will continue to be available to you to speak through him. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Paul Meeks
College Wesleyan Church
Marion, IN

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