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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pastroal Prayer by Jimbo

Pastroal Prayer by Jimbo

Just a little good news, O Lord, that’s all we ask.We’ve had enough of the bad news,headline after headline announcing the latest tragedy,crime, or disaster.We don’t need the newspaper or the evening news to remind us that the world is full of sorrow and people are often cruel.We know. We know from experience.Our own tears have taught us.What we need, what we hunger and thirst for,is some reason to hope,some reason to believe that the headlines don’t tell the whole story; some reason to believe that truth will triumph over lies,that love will outlast hate, andthat life will prevail over death.O Lord, our hearts leap with joy at your announcement,“Behold, the reign of God draws near;repent and believe the good news.”Grant us the courage to come to your side and join in the work you are doing in the world to reclaim it for the purposes for which it was created.Amen.

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