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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pastoral Prayer by James Benedict

Pastoral Prayer by James Benedict
O Lord Almighty, lift us up into your presence and let us feel you near as we assemble for worship and turn to your word. Calm our fears. Open our minds. Ready us to receive what you have to give to us this day, in sermon and in song and in silence.What we seek is courage and hope. We need them in a world so filled with trouble. Dangers lurk everywhere, enemies abound. Violence and accidents and dread disease seem to pursue us like a pack of wolves.Protect and defend us, we pray. Capture our hearts with your grace and drive out the fear that makes us compromise our values and draw back from challenges. Give us such confidence in your abiding care for us that we will live boldly and serve freely, as you call us to serve.We thank you this day for the many answers to prayer we have already received and for the gift of long life with which you have blessed so many in our congregation. We thank you for the chance to celebrate with others goals reached and new adventures begun. We thank you for the faithfulness of family and friends, and for the support of others in times of trial. We thank you for those who extend themselves to help others, who offer friendship, and who speak words of wisdom.(Other joys)Hear our prayers today for those who need healing of body and of spirit. Bind up broken hearts and drive away disease. Bring peace to those who are nearing the end of life and patience to those who are learning to live with chronic illness. Help those who are caught in conflicts to think clearly and to remain committed to fairness, even when it seems to put them at a disadvantage. Help leaders everywhere hear and respond to the people who are crying out for justice and peace.(Other concerns)Now Lord, we fall silent before you and ask you to hear those prayers too deep for words. (Silence)Guide and protect us, care for and direct us, now and forever, we pray. Amen.

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