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Sunday, December 21, 2008

James Benedict prayer #2

James Benedict prayer #2

O God who touches earth with beauty,who paints the twilight sky,who gives the lark its song to singand makes the desert dry,the ocean wet and vast and full of life, both large and small;O God, designer, artist, engineerand maker of us all,hear our prayer.As we consider all the work of your hands,we are filled with wonder beyond words.We are overwhelmed by color, flavor, texture, scent and sound.We marvel at pattern and intricate detail in the most common of things –leaves, feathers, flakes of snow.We stand amazed in the presence of soaring, snow-capped mountains,wide, lazy rivers and forests fresh and green.O God, we are grateful for the world you have made.And we are grateful, God, that you have allowed us not only to observe it,but to live in it and to be a part of it. Indeed, you have entrusted us with dominion over it and called us to tend and keep it. How easy it is to forget what an honor it is to be so empowered and so trusted.Forgive us, we pray, for betraying your trust and for failing to care for your creation. Forgive us for using its resources selfishly, for destroying its careful and complex balance, for raiding it as if it were enemy territory instead of our own home. Forgive us for our repeated attempts to inflict our will upon it, regardless of its own rhythms and character. Forgive us failing to learn the lessons your creation can teach us.By your grace, O God, restore us to our role as stewards and make us wise. Help us learn again to use without abusing, to delight in without destroying. Help us learn to tread lightly on the earth and begin to heal the wounds we have inflicted upon her. Help us as we strive to make this earth a place where future generations can flourish.(Joys)(Concerns)O God, who touches earth with beauty, who paints the twilight sky,who gives the lark its song to singand makes the desert dry,touch our lives with mercyand fill our hearts with grace,that we might learn to treat this worldas gift and sacred space. Amen.

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